System Integration

HTN provides systems integration services to meet a wide variety of industrial needs. It includes the following key expertise: Desktop, Embedded and Real-time system, Data Acquisition and Report generation/extraction, Factory automation, Testing and monitoring system, Vision inspection, Equipment calibration, Special purpose machine, and many more.
We are also working towards producing general purpose system such as environment monitoring system and hand-held DAQ (Data Acquisition). As a system integrator, we are bringing together of the component subsystems into one functioning system. Based on complexity, technical requirements, and business process, HTN can: Overhaul customer’s existing system, especially related to reliability and eectiveness, Provide technical advice to optimize and debug existing system architecture and design, Dene and design the whole system based on customer requirements, Develop system prototyping, implementation, and deployment, integrate hardware and software, Develop testing specications and carry out acceptance test procedure e.g. based on GR&R (Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility), Provide technical documentation, and provide training and system certication process e.g. based on TQM procedure.
Often, we find new challenges that do not have a current known solution. We know that system integration can include a substantial amount of diagnostic and troubleshooting work. In view of that, our team has right skills set to perform the tasks including software engineering, hardware specication, interface protocols, and problem solving / decision.
Our core value is to deliver the solution in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner, to meet or exceed customer expectation. To achieve that, one of the platform we use is National Instruments platform. NI LabVIEW software integrates with nearly any hardware from any vendor, and helps save development time with convenient features and a consistent programming framework across all hardware. In terms of hardware, we are using National Instruments hardware such as sb-RIO, compactRIO, compactDAQ, PXI, etc.