Process / Quality Improvement

HTN helps clients solve complex strategic and operational problems, from diagnosis through implementation and beyond. We provide expertise on operations as a whole, while utilizing process improvement tools such as Lean Six Sigma to uncover an organization’s biggest operational issues.
Business Process Improvement (BPI). We go beyond uncovering operational issue. Based on systematic approach, we quantify and prioritize ndings to assist our clients in achieving positive operational outcomes. The ultimate goal is to reduce operational cost, cycle time, increasing customer satisfaction, and at the same time improving quality and speeding time to market. We provide tools to assist core business process owners needing help selecting the right system or optimizing current systems.
Manpower Competency Development. Manpower is primary key to process/quality improvement. HTN provides technical trainings in the area such as TQM/TPM (Total Quality/Productive Maintenance), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Problem Solving and Decision Making, and Failure Mode Eects & Analysis (FMEA). We can also provide process certication for production operators.
Software Solution. Many operational bottlenecks occur during manual process. HTN provides software solution to automate repetitive manual tasks. Python/Perl Script or Excel Macro often reduce or eliminate manual process thus the man-hour can be assigned to a more value added task. We also provide software package to statistically monitors production process including Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Yield/Data Generation / Extraction. As a system integrator, we also provide complete solution that integrate software and hardware thus giving optimum result.